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Missy Dominates Mainstream, Jamille Administrates Independent

Missy Elliot Queen of Female Producing Major Music Industry

Missy Elliot Queen of Female Producing Major Music Industry

Jamille Luney Female Producers Administrates Indie Music Scene

Jamille Luney Female Producer Administrates Indie Music Scene

It is clear the paths of these two female producers is inherently different. Missy Elliot dominates as the reigning female producer of the main stream entertainment industry. This is no small feat in a male dominated industry. We take our hats off to Missy Elliot.

It was predicted a year ago that Jamille Luney would be the next Missy Elliot. I disagree, I believe Jamille is going to be the next Bob Marley type underground leader and lead a fully charged revolution on the taxed out financially strained commercial music industry. Jamille’s Website,, provides free information to indie artists on marketing and selling their music independently. Her new social network Hot Indie Music World launched in late Septermber of 2008 is far from commercial MySpace. Last but not least Hot Indie Music is a new site she partnered in creating that ranks independent music artists and bands. The site logo is “The People’s Billboard for Independent Music”.

While Missy Elliot is running things as the leading female producer, Jamille Luney is going beyond production on the underground. Please note the I ,Charlene, said it first: I predict Jamille will become a Bob Marley / Jimmy Hoffa type underground figure and act as Secretary of Administration for Independent Music (figuratively speaking). It seems highly possible considering her mother was Secretary of Administration for the state of North Carolina.


Female Music Analyst

Jamille Luney

Her website draws well over 10,000 visits per day. She tells indie artists the secrets of marketing and how sell their music. Big kicker, she does not charge a thing!

In a recent interview she said “I’m teaching indie artists how to sell their music and I’m helping record labels discover talent that is already selling. Everybody is winning!”

Jamille Luney has a prosperous new career, She will continue to produce on the side, but her primary role is as a music analyst and owner of information technology companies specializing in digital formats and distribution. “Music formats determine how you distribute and sell your music. Nobody sells or distributes cassette tapes anymore. The same will be true of CDs” says Luney.

If you’ve never heard of Jamille Luney, she produced a few songs for artists such as Nas, Rakim, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and we heard she has one more crazy remix scheduled for release of Keyshia Cole. Luney has foregone the standard role of music producer (she’ll still produce on the side she claims) to pursue music information technology. This still places Jamille at the heart and sole of the entertainment industry and with unlimited earning potential. “I’m not gonna lie money was a factor. I love Silicon Valley, Bill Gates (Microsoft), and Steve Jobs (Apple)” Jamille chuckles.

“Mp3’s we’re huge! We’re preparing for the next format” she explains. “As everyday Internet bandwith and demands increase, so will record sales and the need for a new format.” Luney’s does not want to be in videos or on T.V, although she can make one phone call and be up there. “That’s not me, I’m a computer nerd” she laughs “I used to want to be in music videos when I was in college. It’s weird I just outgrew it i guess.” she shrugs “I also discovered Bill Gates and realized I’m an attractive black female computer nerd who knows a lot about music. If I can put this together hmmm….” she laughs. “It also helps having two parents whom are lawyers.”

Her mother, Gwynn Swinson, a North Carolina attorney and Vice President of Community and Public Relations for Duke University Hospitals, acts as Jamille’s general counsel and legal advisor. Jamille’s father, Percy Luney, also an attorney and a graduate of Harvard Law and manages Jamille. Percy is the former Dean of NCCU Law School, FAMU Law School, First black president of National Judicial College, and is currently working for Space Florida.

Another inspiration for Jamille was her desire to help independent artists. “Some of the best talent and music is underground, without quesiton. When my sister and I both had our identities stolen, for some reason it set something off inside of me. Our credit still is not fixed to this day and Rob’s social security number is still frozen or something. It’s crazy! I know that event is random, but it did something to me. Don’t ask me why ” she explains. ” The other half is my parents. As lawyers, I watched my parents help a lot of people. My dad was adamant about African Americans, Latinos, and other minorities getting quality education and graduate degrees. That’s why he primarily worked at HBCUs. My mother’s motto has always been ‘To whom much is give much is required’. I love to help people it’s a great feeling and I really love helping indie artists.”

Jamille’s website is and if you’re and indie artists you need this site.

On Line Music Production Replacing Music Producers

Today if an young unknown artists wants to make a demo all he or she has to do is a Google or Yahoo search for ‘buy beats’. The search results provide an array of on line producers to choose from. They can purchase the beat on line and download it immediately. They know longer have to rent out a studio or buy studio equipment to make a track. All they have to do is look on line. Of course big names artists will continue to use big named producers. However, the young and aspiring artists are going on line to find their producers, as they should. They’ve been getting ripped of for years and now they have a larger budget to record their vocals. In the past the budget was sucked up from production costs. Now $100 for the track and your done!

Still the quality of on line producers is questionable. Sites such as Givemebeats and Thebeattrader allow anybody to register as a producer and upload their work. However, sites such as Trackmasterz are professional and consists of producers that have worked in the industry. More importantly they submit their tracks to A&R’s from major labels to review so check quality an commercial appeal. There are not many credible on line producers like Trackmasterz. However, history and technology assure us their will be more. Our prediction for the next three years in the music industry is this: CD’s will be dead, on line music production companies will replace producers, Trackmasterz will remain the industry standard and Microsoft of on line music production.

How many of you went to the store to buy a CD player within the past three months? How many of you went to the store to buy an Mp3 player or Ipod? Exactly!! Nobody is buying CD players any more. Why should they? Who wants to spend $50.00 to fill up your gas tank to drive to the store when you can just buy the album on line and download it on to your Mp3 player or Ipod? Secondly, why spend $10-$14 on a CD that can hold at best 16 songs when you can put thousands on your Mp3 player? Right! Just like cassette tapes and eight tracks, CD’s are on their way out.

Technology has definitely affected CD sales and Mp3 sales. However, it has also affected the music production process. Kanye West and Timbaland no longer have to fly to various studios to meet with their artists. Today they can email the tracks. Kelly Rowland and Beyonce no longer have to record their vocals in the same studio. Beyonce can record in Aspen while working on her latest movie and Kelly can record in New York while she works on her solo album. Their studio engineers can email their vocals back and forth to each other and sort out the mix among themselves. When the final album comes out it sounds like they were in the same room. Yes technology is amazing. It is also the death of the current music industry as we know it.

No the music industry is not going to die it will always be there. HOWEVER, the music industry that currently exists WILL NOT be here much longer. Is the Motown sound with Barry Gordy still around? No, we wish it was but it’s not. Change is the only constant and technology makes change rapid and frequent. Barry Gordy introduced the concept of assembly line production to the music industry, while Ford introduced it to the automotive industry. In fact Gordy worked in the automotive industry and this is where he adopted the practice. Interesting to note is what caused the invention of the assembly line, machinery. Up until industrialization labor was hands on. After Industrialization labor became more mechanized requiring less people. Factories began springing up every where across the U.S. However, as technology improved the need for workers decreased. This helped to increase profit. Barry Gordy brought this concept to Motown and now it is coming back to the music industry as a result of the Mp3 and downloading.

Independent Female Producers & Artists Take Advantage of Government Opened Door

Many states are pushing for taxes on digital products. In a recent article written by Anne Broache published on April 15, 2008 on CNET, Broache writes:

“Two years ago, a CNET special report found that 15 states and the District of Columbia said that their laws and regulations meant that digital downloads should be taxed. A few months later, New Jersey joined that list.

Since then, more states have become tax-inclined. In 2008 alone, Indiana, Utah, and South Dakota have enacted laws reiterating their commitments to collect taxes on digital downloads, while Nebraska recently voted to send its governor a bill (PDF) that would tax downloads of books, movies, and music starting October 1. Others, including Wisconsin and Massachusetts, have formed groups to “study” new i Tunes taxes.” (Politicians push for new iTunes sales taxes).

Although this sounds tedious it, puts more pressure on the entertainment industry and opens doors for Independent artists. Don’t thank your state government officials just yet. They did not do it for their native aspiring artists, nevertheless they have opened a door.

Right about now some of you are saying isn’t this bad for me? I sell my music on my web page and MySpace. Doesn’t this take money out of my pocket? NO!! If you sell you music on MySpace , Snocap is the one paying the taxes. For those who are unaware, Snocap is the company MySpace uses to allow users to sell their music on their MySpace page. What about your web page? More than likely you are using a company or other service such as cdbaby, e-junkie, amazon, or itunes to sell your music on your web page. Companies such as these are responsible for charging the digital tax.

So does this mean I will be charged more by the company that sells my music? No, there will be a flat tax on your song.  Think about when you go the the gas station and buy a $.99 cup of cofee what’s your grand total?  Probably $1.07 depending on which state you’re in.   Customers don’t think twice about it.  The same will be true of a .99 cent song.

The greatest outcome of the proposed state tax is the financial hit to the major record labels.  Many record labels are already in battles with itunes and other digital distribution companies over the pricing of their music catalogs.  Universal threatened to cancel their catalog deal with itunes last year.  How will labels be taxed? Rest assure those catalogs are going to cost a pretty penny.  Major Record labels cannot afford to loose one dime ($.10) right now. They can barely afford to pay for their star recording artists. That precious $.07 tax is more than they give each artists per album sale!

Where Does Keyshia Cole Live?

Billie holiday

Keyshia Cole above                 Billie Holiday —>

Keyshia Cole is captivating, she’s really a modern day Billie Holiday, but she’s a soprano and her tone is not dark like Holiday’s. Both these women sing purely from pain and it is so intimate and intense. You can feel their presence in their songs. Not many female vocalists can do this, especially today. Only the greats achieved it such as Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and the like. When I first heard Keyshia Cole’s ‘Love’ on the radio, I almost crashed my car. Keyshia Cole is Keyshia Cole and she can’t be touched; I don’t care what anybody else says, end of story.

Ms. Cole is constantly growing. If you listen to “Love” she does not want the man to leave her. If you listen to her newest ballad “I Remember”, she’s the one leaving saying I can’t take it anymore and I hate that I still love you, but this is not good for me and I have to love myself. Those two songs show her growth. In “Love” she’s begging him to stay, but in “I Remember” she’s packing up the bags because she’s matured enough to know the relationship is not in her best interest, despite her feelings.

Ms. Cole is a women who continually grows, that is clear in her voice, songs, and lyrics. That’s what great about her, she just gets better, stronger, and deeper. She lives in the now and looks to the future. She rarely looks back. If she does it’s with the expressed purpose of learning from a past experience or to fix something that could jeopardize her future. You won’t catch Keyshia Cole living in any of her songs for long, she’s growing as we speak. By the time you hear the song on the radio, she’s grown into another one. Well done Ms. Cole.

Start The Count Down, Missy Elliot and Jamille Luney…

Florida Connection, Jamille Luney, Shawn Campbell, Missy Elliot

will eventually meet each other.  I’m sure of it;  It is inevitable.  Why? The Florida Connection!! I know, you’re asking what is the Florida connection?  Missy’s latest single, “Ching-a-Ling” was produced by The Arkitects(Shawn Campbell and Marshall Leathers).  We already know that Shawn Campbell and Jamille Luney have been introduced to each other.  No they’re not tight, a couple of casual run-ins while they both resided in Florida.  However, undoubtedly they both respect each others work. 

Jamille and Shawn are not close, they met through Shawn’s younger brother Paul.  Paul is an aspiring producer as well.  Paul and Jamille have also met Stix, a well respected industry producer who focuses on hard Hip Hop.  Stix has an extensive discography that includes artists such as Wu-Tang and he resides in Florida (Florida connection baby).

Shawn has the most impressive resume with tracks like “Ching-a-Ling” and artists such as Missy Elliot and XZIBIT.  Jamille is on the come up with commercial remixes including artists such as  Nas and Alicia Keys.  Stix has been in the game a long time, but Shawn has the more impressive discography in my personal opinion.  His discography reflects a lot more versatility; he goes beyond Hip Hop.  Connect the dots people it’s the Florida connection!  It’s only a matter or time before Jamille and Missy cross paths.

Where Does Beyonce Live?

Listen by Beyonce

Artists live in their artwork, but the question is which piece of their artwork do they currently live in?  Each artwork represents a different time period in their life, so its hard to pinpoint where they are.  Also, they are very creative so they tend to be all over the place.

 I believe Ms. Knowles lives in her song ‘Listen’ from the Dreamgirls soundtrack.  Ironically, most people do not realize this because they don’t LISTEN!  You’re so busy looking at her you’re not even hearing what she’s saying.  That is exactly Beyonce’s point and that’s exactly what she is singing about.  This is an extremely intelligent women that people do not take the time to know because they cannot see past her beauty. 

On the flip side, unless Beyonce finds you trustworthy she will not ALLOW you to see past her beauty.  Why? Beyonce has grown to be a good judge of character and she will only get better at this practice with time.  Her intelligence is far greater than her beauty. 

 Many of you are wondering how do you know this?  Have you met Beyonce?  No I have not.  However, I’ve done what Beyonce asked, something you all have not.  I ‘Listen’!!

Is Keyshia Cole a Producer?

Keyshia Cole

This is a really good question.  There are couple of unconfirmed Internet sources that list Keyshia Cole as a producer.  If she is, I’m all for it.  I’m a huge Keyshia Cole fan.  She’s totally raw and she sings from her heart.  Her energy is natural and pure, reminiscent of Lauryn Hill.  Don’t get me wrong the styles are completely different.  However, music listeners have not experienced any pure raw energy since L-boogie (with the exception of Fantasia).  Beyonce was raw when she first came out.  When she first performed Dangerously In Love, everybody had their mouth open.  She was INCREDIBLE.  Now, she is too rehearsed.  If Keyshia Cole is producing, I hope her production is as sincere as her voice.

Will Ciara and Beyonce Be Remaking Aaliyah Songs?


Beyonce Aaliyah


Some of the radio stations have been spouting off this rumor. If it’s true, this could be more devastating than Kirk Franklin’s remake of Earth Wind and Fire’s hit song September. That had to be a sin Kirk, nobody would remake an Earth Wind and Fire song, not even Jesus himself.  On that same note, Ciara and Beyonce have no business remaking an Aahliyah song.  HOWEVER,  it is a good marketing move.

I was listening to One and a Million yesterday. Many people think Ciara is similar to the late great Aaliyah.  No!  Ciara’s vocal performance cannot even touch Aaliyah’s!  A lot of people THINK Aahliyah did not have a strong voice, but that is NOT true. One of my friends has access to some of the original vocal tracks of Aaliyah (no music). Her voice was amazing and unusual. She could really sing. Ciara CANNOT. Here’s how you can tell. If you listen to old Aaliyah songs, you can hear on the leads (the verse) her voice is only recorded once. Why? Aahliyah’s voice was strong and solid. Beyonce only records her leads (the verse) once;  Her voice is strong and solid as well.  Both Beyonce and Aaliyah did/do not need to backup their leads. Ciara DOES! Her voice is dubbed and tripled on the lead.  I know some of you are shaking your head and saying ‘ I’ve heard Beyonce and Aaliyah songs and they sound doubled sometimes too!’  Yeah they are doubled on the BACKGROUNDS AND THE HOOK, where they are supposed to be.  On the leads (verses), a true vocalist should be able to carry him or herself without any help.  Hell, they should be able to sing even if that background music stops (i.e Ashlee Simpson).  Bottom line, Ciara is a great dancer but she is not a strong singer. Both Beyonce and Aaliyah are/were great singers and dancers.

  I don’t want to see anybody remake an Aaliyah song. However, some radio stations are saying Beyonce will remake One in a Million and Ciara will record a Duet with Aaliyah using unreleased vocal recordings (like Biggie and 2pac). I’m more inclined to listen to Beyonce’s version than Ciara’s. I don’t think Ciara has earned the status yet to remake an Aaliyah song, let alone do a duet with her. Beyonce, on the other hand, has. I would be even more inclined to listen to Beyonce’s version if she used the track Jamille produced in honor of Aaliyah. The track is truly reminiscent of One in a Million and Beyonce’s vocals would sound perfect on top of it. However, since Beyonce is a producer now -a- days, she may take a stab at producing it herself. We’ll have to wait and see =)

Cost of Production Male Vs. Female Producer

a female music producer

Both women and men are intelligent beings. Some are more intelligent than others. As you can tell by my name, Charlene, I am a woman. I’m a big advocate for female music producers. It breaks my heart there are not more in the commercial entertainment industry. However, I’m disappointed in a lot of my fellow female producers. Why? Many female producers have not capitalized on the befits of sexism and technology. I know, you’re thinking what could possibly be a benefit of sexism? Sexism causes lower wages for females, but spells CHEAPER PRODUCTION COSTS to labels! In this period of economic crisis and massive downloading, you will see a lot more underground and female producers emerge.

Right now Missy Elliot is the leading female music producer in the commercial entertainment industry and she is averaging some where around $30,000-$50,000 a track (give or take). Missy’s price is not bad. In fact she is much more affordable than Scott Storch or Timbaland who make around $80,000 – $100,000 per track. Missy is just as qualified and talented as any of these male producers. However, she’s getting paid half has much (the pitfall of sexism). It’s still a nice pay rate; I’d love to have it. More importantly as labels continue to downsize Missy becomes the more viable option when hiring a big name producer. We already discussed the unresolved continuing problem of downloading that is bankrupting the music industry as we speak. However, lets also discuss having to pay producers $80,000-$100,000 per track on top of other production costs to make an album. The economy is bad, price of gas is through the roof, cost of education is ridiculous, mom and dad are cutting little Tommy and Mary’s allowance because they need to save money, so what do little Tommy and Mary do to entertain themselves since they can’t go anywhere or leave the house? Watch MTV, BET, hop on MySpace, Face Book, You Tube, Instant Messenger, and DOWNLOAD!! Mom and dad are not going to take them to the store; the price of gas it too high and they do not want to spend money.

Missy Elliot’s pay rate will prove to be a blessing in her career during this time of economic crisis, but the female producers who will really benefit from this are independents such as Jamille Luney. Jamille’s going rate is between $5,000-$10,000 per track and she already has a following (without major marketing). Labels save loads of money using a producer like Jamille and they are not sacrificing production (go listen to the track she did for the Nas and Alicia Keys remix Many record labels are turning to the streets for inexpensive well produced beats.

Before Kanye West was a household name, he produced tracks for Rock- A -Fella records for Jamille’s current pay rate. The bottom line is a lot of talented female producers are going to get a shot and I think Jamille Luney is leading the pack in 2008. Missy will still reign as the queen. It would be nice to see Missy take Jamille under her wing. I think Elliot and Luney should team up before the industry tries to turn them against each other to create a girl cat fight for promotion. The Kanye 50 cent dog fight was not that exciting, but two females is a male centered society’s dream!

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